Niseko Japlan

With studytime in full effect and the work-hours cut in half in the kitchen, we been' breakdancing in new snowboots around the apartment- posting HolidayNiseko, writing for Sweden-Japan grants and scholarships, Sk8'n, biking, watching snow-flicks, taylor'n snowclothes and making a masterplan. Thinking about Japan in the past

and taking a little vacation from this apartment in Sweden. Winter is upon us with high hopes of early season snow in Sweden and higher hopes of heavy heavy powder dumpage in Niseko to carry us through the end of April over there. Asahi Super Dry! Kapai!


States Rejuvenate!

Hangin hard with family, friends and biking all over Minneapolis for two weeks put us back up to full power for the rest of this year. Mpls next summer is the plan. It's too good there in the heat of hommies!


オオカミ & the 風

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Halmstad, Hallands lan, Sweden