Check this dope spot!
Making this happen with wicked summer effort and keeping our eyes on the prize. The Wolfe and the Windh - going down this mountain a lot of times super fast next winter season. Switch Challenge? All are welcome to get a piece of the Japow since we is working for the main Niseko mangs.


fix the old sewing machine or buy new threads?

In attempt to $ave loot for life we been up'n our sewing skills by putting the new cuts on old jeans and snowpants, making Bill Cosby sweaters fit and putting patches in the right places... An ancient-gifted and broken sewing machine comes alive again with a little effort and turns old to hip new, normal to personal style and opens up endless stitch possibilitie$.

Extend the season or seasons boot repair by caveman-hand. Poke it, Pull it, Point it!


We crewed up at a beach session in Båstad Sweden during the tennis event week sponsered by corporate monster Ski-Star. Yuppies, Ferrari's, Beach goers and us. word em up.


the reality of our surroundings

Last winter spots opened up that have never been hit before with the huge snowfalls. Instead of driving 30 minutes to the lifts, we could rip the park 5 minutes away. Random rippers became great friends as the sessions continued all winter.

the reality of our surroundings

Enjoying some sun and beachtime this hot summer at Tylösand in between studying and working. Pedal power gets us out exploring our surroundings and to the hot spots quick.

Launching Party!

Tonight we celebrate! We are officially launching our thoughts publicly. Influenced by a gifted bottle of Absinth, we are having a hard time typing right now-



Sipping coffee on the beach and making plans. Mind map scribbles, cooking for ca$h in a hot Halmstad kitchen, studying marketing, biking, sk8n, training the summer away and cooling off in the ocean, way stoked on Mpls Mn in August and building on Holiday Niseko for a snowy season in our near future. wOrd em' up


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Halmstad, Hallands lan, Sweden