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put your money where yous at

We were biking around today and thought about how rad it is to support where you are at. Sofie's Skeppshult cycle is all welded and built up in Sweden. The entire bike! I'm holding one through old trophy's on my S&M w/Profile goods. All US steel. Keepin' folks working in your area is a good move where ever you are-No matter the co$t. Instead of the cheaper route of buying a brand that out-sources their work to Asia. Unless you live in Asia... Keep people working around you. There will be less murders!


sweet pickle # 1

Living in Sverige - we sure miss our Sweet Pickle van back in the US and A. An old W&W story goes as follows... Skip the holiday madness and drive the Sweet Pickle van from Mpls to Fernie B.C. and rip the long deep-snow-season... April 29th we start our month-long road trip-van living and shreding at Lake Louise. Sleeping and spooning in -20 degree coldness we get awaken by moose licks on the van. After 1.5 hours of moose licking all around our road-salty sweet pickle machine and a few stair downs through the window, we had a new brushed look that we kept as long as it didn't rain. Living dirty in the Sweet Pickle was always dope.

The 99$ Spring season pass at Mt. Hood with only 5 amazing showers that month kept us real.
More on it all in interview form at Corduroy webzine.

Now we found a new van plan to adopt. Greasy.


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