Intern and Return to Niseko

Plow guy gets a flat rate during winter to clear the driveway of the Ramsey pad in Annupuri. He has been here twice a day since we arrived and is probably bummed on his contract. Roof avalanches over the kitchen window keeps us alert when cooking up some coffee with a WHaaaBAm+PoOF! The sun popped through for a couple hours to see this joint and tie some boots... then dumped 3 feet.!. Dumping...

Intern and Return to Niseko

Meet the boss, get the car, rip it and rip some more.

Intern and Return to Niseko

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Intern and Return to Niseko


Intern and Return to Niseko


Intern and Return to Niseko


Intern and Return to Niseko




Not too serious lately... Low expectations and High fun. Mellow... the middle years. You really don't have to shitty tranny-finder jumps or ride gnarly rails just cuz the kids do. Get that in our heads. MedioCorE movement! The switch board back edge catch into the steel and a half flip a couple days ago has the MedioCorE knob turned up to the max- until we safely land in Japan next week.


Minnesota in Halmstad

We were lucky to have Barry Buhr and Pam Schmitt from Duluth Mn. stay with us on the last stop of their shred tour of Sweden. We shelter'd them, brought them to our rail-park and mini ski-hill where they killed it! Snowpark bbq's, beers and a frozen ocean. Minnesota Sweden!


オオカミ & the 風

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Halmstad, Hallands lan, Sweden