Intern and Return 1st week review

It's been a little over a week in Annupuri at the Ramsay house. All settled in. Simon and Dan are kicking it on their New Zealander day today, Sofie is studying, Hiromi is reading on her day off work and I'm motivating to get out and hit the quarter pipe in the side yard. All of us slept in a bit today after our first night out checking the NoJazz show at the Hilton. Got lo0se...Wacky French music.

Backing up. We have had a ton of snow this week, a bit a sun and a warm spell to mix it all together. Sofie and I have been out ripping it everyday, hiked the peak and have dialed in some sweet zones on the Mt. for future shred. Simon has toured us around the local goods and we feel so lucky. We caught up with the Niseko kingpin Ioanna and Hisashi at their Gyu bar and been driving on the Japanese side of the road in our Toyota "succeed"! N.Z. Dan and I dug out a neat-o yard park and have been tearing it up before and after Mountain time. Oh man...Really feelin' the new Mod rock Rome stick(Pete!)

Every day has been rested...sleeping 10 hours every night and having having morning social media talks with sensei Simon over heavy brewed coffee. Succeed. The daily update'n of HolidayNiseko with some relative writes & going through their site has kept us busy when we are not on the snow. Sofie's thesis work, Biofarmab updates and all of our new books are all scattered around our messy ski-bum room. Ideas everywhere! It's sweet to be on this quiet side of the mountain and be able to focus on why we are here and leave the loud partying Hirafu madness to the masses. yeah. yeah. yeah...

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  1. Super Course is now open. Excited to share the experience.



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